Enable Framehawk in Netscaler

Citrix recently released Framehawk support through Netscaler version

You can download 11.0.62 from Citrix website here..

If did not enable framehawk support in your studio and Gold Image or VM’s you need to update, Please see here for detailed administrator guide for Framehawk.

Once you upgrade your NS to version follow below setting to enable Framehawk UDP 443 support.

1] Log in to NS using your root admin account.

2] Select NetScaler Gateway and Select Virtual Server and Click Edit

3] Click on Edit on VPN Virtual Server

4] Click More

5]  Check DTLS and Click OK
6] Bind/Unbind the SSL Certificate – Select Server Certificate
7] Select Server Certificate and click on ” UNBIND” 
CAUTION: Your users will disconnected if there are any active session”
[8] Click  Add Binding  and select the SSL Certificate to bind the certificate again

[9] Save the configuration file and verify that now you are able to connect.

Test Tool – There is a really good tool to identify the session protocol  -“DisplayState GUI”I came to know regarding this utility while I was attending a Citrix Desktop and Application Master class back in July 2015. You can download that utility from here.(As is without any warranty). run this on your VDI Desktop and it will show you the session protocol instantly.


[1] If Framehawk is enable you will  LFP Protocol – Lightweight Framebuffer Protocol (LFP)

[2] Thinwire Protocol

You can also check session details in Citrix Director where new metric for Framehawk has been added directly in to that.

[1] From the Citrix Director

Log in to Director and select the session you want to see and click on the detail tab.

As of writing to this I am not able to enable Framehawk with Beta Preview of VDA Agent for Windows 10.
Also keep in mind this framehawk is based on UDP Port 443 so enterprise now needs to open UDP 443 port as well .

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