How to enable touch access (Biometric) in Horizon View 6.2

VMware Horizon View 6.2 recently launched biometric authentication, with the support of TouchID on iOS devices with VMware Horizon Client 3.5.1.

This post will describe how to enable it, I would prefer if  VMware can make this functionality available using View admin portal.

Please see here, for the current VMware document.

[1] To enable this first log in to View Connection Server and open ADSI Edit.

[2] In the connection settings window select “select or type a Distinguished Name or Naming Context:” and type ” DC=vdi,DC=vmware,DC=int

Select “Select or type a domain Server” and type ” localhost:389 ” as per below screenshot

[3] On ADISI window expand OU=Properties and Select OU=Global, select CN=Common and edit the pae-ClientConfig attribute.
[4] add the value :  “BioMetricsTimeout=-1″ and click Add

Click apply and Ok and exit the EDSI, the new setting will take effect immediately.

Now time to check with iOS device.

[1] Before you start testing make sure the following

[a] Your iOS device has touchID functionality
[b] You have to download HorizonView client version 3.5.1 and above for iOS device

[c] You must have 3rd party valid trusted signed certificate to work and also make sure on your iOS device only below two options are valid. (To change this setting go to Settings on your iOS device > scroll down where you can see Horizon and select one of the two options highlighted below)


Open Horizon View Client and log on, you will see a new login screen as below and a toggle button to Enable Touch ID.

Note:  My lab was configured with two-factor authentication with DUO and it did not work with touch ID so I need to disable two-factor authentication in order to get the biometric feature. Will dig into more in future.

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