Workspace ONE Access Logs and Config File location

I came across many times with my customers asking about the logs file location and config file for VMware Workspace ONE Access. Below table has most useful log file location and config file that Engineers and admin should know about and will be helpful to troubleshoot WS1 Access related issues.

Log File NameLog LocationDescription
Horizon.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/horizon.logOne of the main log file of Workspace ONE Access, it stores all activities and information of entitlements, users, groups and SMAL along with any new auth attempts
Greenbox-web.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/greenbox_web.logInformation about the Web-Portal and Airwatch catalog items
Connector.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/connector.logLog file contains, a record of each request received from the WI, the details including timestamp, request URL and any exceptions. (Sync actions are not recorded in the log file)
Wsadmin.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/wsadmin.logThis log contains information about the admin console, web apps, users & group, catalog changes and roles tab
Entitlement-calc-state.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/entitlement-calc-state.logLog file contains, inforamtion about the AD sync of users and groups
Update.log/opt/vmware/var/log/update.logLog file contains, information about the output messages related to update request during a WS1 Access upgrade process, also look for files under vami directories (/opt/vmware/var/log/vami) for upgrade related troubleshooting
Horizon-socks.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/horizon-socksjs.logLog file contains, service to connector related tasks such as Directory sync issues
Horizon-persist.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/horizon-persist.logLog file contains, group members sync, entitlements, provisioning actions etc.
Horizon-ceip.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/horizon-ceip.logLog file contains anonymized information about what kind of Database is in use, number of service nodes, apps added to nodes.
Configurator.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/configurator.logLog file contains, requests the configurator receies from the REST client and the Web user interfaces
Catalina.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/catalina.outThis is a Apache tomcat records messages that generally not recorded by the configuratior log files
Entitlement-calc-state.log/opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/entitlement-calc-state.logLog file records asynchornosly log sync for large number of users and groups during AD sync
Localhost.loglocalhost_access_log.YYYY-MM-DD.txtLog file contains all a tomcat log and all the connection request to access nodes. By default it turned off.
Krb5.conf/etc/krb5.confThis config file contains information about KDC realms for Kerberos config file contains inforamtion about Domain controller servers listed on DNS search
Runtime config/usr/local/horizon/confThis config file contains information about database configuration, hostname, IP address, FQDN. Please do not modify file directly here.